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It'd be even prettier of computer once was since we have the UI that intelligently pulls out colors. I can maintain most played tracks locally (and several others) and after that keep most of the rest as reference files to my iCloud account prepared to play while in the mood without feeling like I'm forgetting something.

3) I use it because it allows me to have all my songs (all at 256kbps AAC) without having to use an excessive amount of space to keep them. I get to save $200 per year on an iPhone this way. It means I don't ought to micromanage what songs I carry on my phone. Ask the iTunes Guy: Mass-deleting iOS music, tracking playlists, as well as an empty year
doesn't have advanced search features, and several people don't care for the software whatsoever.

I also don't even use my Mac's space for my songs in iTunes, likewise reference files to itunes login loop Match. "

Last night's setlist might be summed up in a single word, to be honest; flawless.